Instructor-Led Courses

The Knight Center’s Journalism Courses program offers two kinds of training: Instructor-led courses that are available during a specific time-frame (usually four to six weeks) and self-directed courses. For the instructor-led courses, students need to register themselves in the courses and then they gain access to the learning materials and can interact with other students and the instructor(s) while the course is taking place.

Periodismo Empreendedor MOOC- v2 copy

Periodismo emprendedor: Cómo monetizar y promocionar medios digitales sustentables

Janine Warner Mijal Iastrebner


Jornalismo Empreendedor MOOC- v2 copy

Jornalismo empreendedor: Como monetizar e promover meios digitais sustentáveis

Janine Warner Mijal Iastrebner Marcelo Crispim da Fontoura


Banner for DEI MOOC 2022

Cómo impulsar diversidad, equidad e inclusión (DEI) en el periodismo latinoamericano

Mariana Alvarado (Coordinadora del Curso) Lucia Solis Reymer María Teresa Juárez Pilar Cuartas Belén Arce Terceros


Going Live 2022

Going live: Building live journalism in your newsroom

Kim Last