Instructor-Led Course

The Knight Center’s Journalism Courses program offers two kinds of training: Instructor-led courses that are available during a specific time-frame (usually four to six weeks) and self-directed courses. For the instructor-led courses, students need to register themselves in the courses and then they gain access to the learning materials and can interact with other students and the instructor(s) while the course is taking place.

How to use ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in your newsrooms

Aimee Rinehart Sil Hamilton

4 Modules - hrs in total


Cómo usar ChatGPT

Cómo usar ChatGPT y otras herramientas de IA generativa en tu redacción

Aimee Rinehart Sil Hamilton Mariana Alvarado (Instructora Asistente)

4 Modules - hrs in total


Como usar o ChatGPT

Como usar o ChatGPT e outras ferramentas de IA generativa na sua redação

Aimee Rinehart Sil Hamilton Pedro Burgos (Instrutor Assistente)


Curso "O Marco Jurídico Internacional da Liberdade de Expressão"

O Marco Jurídico Internacional da Liberdade de Expressão, Acesso à Informação e Proteção de Jornalistas

André Gustavo Corrêa de Andrade