Students from 118 countries enroll in new mapping and GIS course from Knight Center; Still time to register - Journalism Courses by Knight Center

August 31, 2018

Students from 118 countries enroll in new mapping and GIS course from Knight Center; Still time to register

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Almost 2,000 students from 118 countries registered for the new Knight Center course, “Introduction to Mapping and GIS for Journalists.”


“We’re really excited to see such a massive group of people from all over the world take interest in the mechanics of mapping,” said Chris Essig, co-instructor, designer and developer from the Texas Tribune. “We interact with maps all the time, but as students are learning in this course, they aren’t always done well. I think this course is so popular because maps are so prevalent in our daily lives. People want to know how to build them correctly.”

Essig and Darla Cameron, senior designer and developer at the Tribune, are teaching the four-week course that began Aug. 27. If you’re interested in learning how to use maps to reveal and explain patterns for your reporting, there’s still time to register and catch up.

“Thanks to everyone who joined us for this mapping course! In the next few weeks we’ll take a digital journey together to learn how to make maps that tell stories in more effective and clear ways,” Cameron said. “There’s still time to join us!”

You’ll learn how to combine geographic datasets, analyze that data to make more complex maps, draw conclusions that you can use in storytelling and publish maps online or in print.

Remember that like all Knight Center MOOCs, the course is asynchronous, meaning that activities can be completed during the times and days that best suit the student. However, there are recommended guidelines for completing the instructional videos, presentations, readings, weekly quizzes and participation in discussion forums.

As with all Knight Center MOOCs, participation is free. However, students can pay an administrative fee of U.S. $30 for a certificate of completion. The certificate is available for download in PDF format after the Knight Center completes a review process to ensure the student met the requirements. No formal college credit is associated with this certificate.

“We can’t wait to see what else students will have in store in the coming weeks!” Essig said.

What are you waiting for? Register now and join your colleagues from across the world.