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27 diciembre, 2021

Science journalists from the Global South offer tips to improve the coverage of COVID-19 and fight misinformation

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Covering COVID-19 in the Global SouthThe Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas’ Journalism Courses program is publishing a series of briefings written by science/health journalists who have offered best practices and insights on covering COVID-19 in five different regions of the Global South: Latin America and the Caribbean, the Arab States, West Africa, Eastern Africa, and Southern Africa.

The briefings are aimed at helping journalists (and particularly those who are new to covering health and science) navigate the latest challenges in reporting on the pandemic, including countering disinformation.

These briefings are being published as part of a Knight Center initiative sponsored by UNESCO and with funding from the World Health Organization. They are an important continuation of the work that the Knight Center’s Journalism Courses program has done over the past year and a half to provide thousands of journalists from around the world with resources for covering COVID-19.

Since May 2020, we have worked with UN agencies — specifically UNESCO, the United Nations Development Programme, and the World Health Organization — to produce COVID-19 resources for journalists, including massive open online courses, self-directed courses, and webinars in 13 different languages.

We are pleased to expand our COVID-19 resource offerings with these new briefings:

Additionally, here are some other multilingual COVID-19 resources available on the Knight Center’s site:

Self-directed courses (adapted from massive open online courses)


We are planning a second COVID-19 webinar for Thursday, January 27, 2022, from 9 a.m. to noon U.S. Central Standard Time. The webinar will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretations into Arabic, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and will feature journalists and medical experts who will offer insights on how to cover the latest COVID-19 developments. Click here to register.

This webinar is being organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas in partnership with UNESCO and with funding from the World Health Organization and UNESCO’s Multi-Donor Programme on Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists.


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