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Alejandra Xanic

AlejAlejandra Xanic: Xanic, as she’s known to her colleagues, is an investigative reporter and more recently, editor and co-founder of Quinto Elemento Lab, a nonprofit organization in Mexico that teams-up with reporters in order to mentor, produce and disseminate their investigative projects ( Xanic has worked on stories about AIDS and migration, the lives of the deaf, drug trafficking, corruption and impunity for media such as Siglo 21, Publico, Cambio and Expansión. Xanic worked with The New York Times reporter David Barstow in an investigation that revealed Wal-mart´s systematic use of bribes to fuel its growth in Mexico. She also collaborated with Ginger Thompson (ProPublica) in her investigation into the massacre in the town of Allende that followed a leak of information by the DEA. Xanic has developed an expertise in using Mexico’s Transparency laws and is an active trainer of fellow reporters around the country. She can be reached at and her Twitter handle is @xanic.