Protection of Journalists: Safety and Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean

Protection of Journalists: Safety and Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean COVER

This e-book, “Protection of Journalists: Safety and Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean,” is a compilation of 14 stories focused on four big topics: 1) coverage of protests, 2) reporting on violent conflict, 3) development of protection mechanisms, and 4) investigation and prosecution of violence against journalists. It was edited by Mexican journalist Javier Garza […]

KSJ Science Editing Handbook


The “KSJ Science Editing Handbook” aims to draw lessons from those who specialize in science writing and editing — to provide their insights, knowledge, tips, and resources to all editors. The goal is to help ensure that science journalism meets the highest standards of quality no matter what the publication or the audience. This handbook […]

Diversity in Latin American Journalism

Diversity in Latin American Journalism Ebook

“Diversity in Latin American Journalism” includes reflections from 16 journalists from seven countries on how to make newsrooms and news coverage more inclusive. The authors are leaders in promoting diversity within newsrooms, and some have launched digital native media outlets for and by more diverse audiences.

Membership in News & Beyond: What Media Can Learn from Other Member-Driven Movements

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“Membership in New & Beyond: What Media Can Learn from Other Member-Driven Movements,” can be downloaded for free in English,  Spanish and Portuguese, thanks to the work of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and the Membership Puzzle Project. The report was co-authored by research director at the Membership Puzzle Project, Emily Goligoski, and operation collaboration […]

Innovators in Latin American Journalism

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Download “Innovators in Latin American Journalism,” the new free Knight Center e-book produced with generous support from the Program on Independent Journalism from Open Society Foundations. This new publication compiles all reports from the series “Innovators in Latin American Journalism,” published by the Knight Center blog between the months of December 2017 and April 2018. […]

Innovative Journalism in Latin America

Innovative Journalism English

Download “Innovative Journalism in Latin America,” the new free Knight Center e-book. This new publication compiles all the reports of the series “Innovative Journalism in Latin America” published in the Knight Center blog between the months of December 2016 and April 2017. It also includes several brief guides written by different experts offering practical advice to improve journalistic activity […]

Global Journalism Education: Challenges and Innovations


Download the free e-book, “Global Journalism Education: Challenges and Innovations,” edited by professors Robyn S. Goodman and Elanie Steyn. The English-language book is described as as “one-stop scholarly yet practical/approachable reference book for educators, trainers, journalists, media activists, policymakers, foundations, nongovernment organizations, students and others with a vested interest in quality journalism.” The book, with contributions […]

A New Information Environment: How digital fragmentation is shaping the way we produce and consume news

During his time as a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York, Brazilian journalist Ricardo Gandour looked into the “new journalistic environment,” which he said “is characterized by consolidation and fragmentation, two conceptually opposed phenomena that advance simultaneously.” In this study, he consults journalists, editors and experts in the field of digital media transformations, […]

Transparency and Accountability

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A Report of the 2013 Austin Forum on Journalism in the Americas   The 11th Austin Forum invited more than 50 journalists from the American continent to discuss the topic “Transparency and Accountability: Journalists and Access to Public Information in Latin America and the Caribbean.” During the annual gathering, which took place on Nov. 8 […]