Add mapping skills to your journalist toolkit with new online course from the Knight Center


Maps are a powerful visual tool for journalists to analyze geographical data, identify patterns, and make sense of an overwhelming amount of data. We’ll explore their practical application in our new course, “Hands-on Mapping for Journalists: How to use geographical data to improve your stories” which runs for four weeks from July 7 to Aug. 11, 2022. Registration is open now!

Free online course on mental health and journalism: Learn how to take care of yourself and responsibly report on mental health issues

Mental Health and Journalism MOOC

News coverage of mental health and journalists’ own well-being have traditionally been overlooked in the journalism industry, despite the fact that media professionals are often witness to incredible tragedy and trauma, deal with hectic schedules, face uncertain futures in the business, and work in unhealthy newsrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic just added more fuel to the […]

Comment améliorer la couverture médiatique du COVID-19 : un webinaire pour journalistes offert par l’UNESCO, l’OMS et le Knight Center. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes, et gratuites !

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Durant trois discussions d’une heure prendront la parole journalistes et experts internationaux en sciences et santé, dont des représentants de l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS). Ils et elles débattront des défis posés par le COVID-19 pour la profession : accès inégal à l’information ; données en évolution permanente ; mutations et variants du virus ; contexte global autour de la pandémie.

كيف نحسن تغطيتنا الصحفية لـكوفيد-19؟ ويبنار مجاني!

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يقترب موعد الويبنار الجديد المتعدد اللغات، الموجه للصحفيين الذين يغطون أخبار جائحة كوفيد -19.  سيُعقد ويبنار «المتحورات واللقاحات والأدوية: ما يحتاج الصحافيون إلى معرفته لتحسين تغطيتهم الصحفية حول كوفيد-19» يوم الخميس، 27 يناير، من الساعة 9 صباحًا حتى الساعة 12 ظهرًا بتوقيت وسط الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية (توقيت غرينيتش ناقص 6 ساعات). استخدم هذه الأداة لمعرفة […]

Here’s a multilingual list of resources for journalists covering the COVID-19 vaccines

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In late January, the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas held a multilingual webinar, “Covering the COVID-19 vaccine: What journalists need to know,” in partnership with UNESCO and the World Health Organization, with funding from the European Union. Recordings of the webinar are now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. As […]