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Intro to Mapping and GIS for Journalists

Instructors: Darla Cameron and Chris Essig

In this course, you will learn the basics of telling stories with geographic data. We’ll share geographic concepts and best practices from a journalist’s perspective, including what types of datasets make good maps. Then, we’ll dive into practical skills — how to use free GIS (Geographic Information System) software to explore, analyze and visualize data. We’ll include links, tips and tricks for taking your geographic data skills to the next level.
You can access the resource page here.

Listen up! How to launch and grow a hit podcast

Instructors: Caitlin Thompson, Tobin Low, Rose Eveleth, Jacob Kramer-Duffield, and Jennifer Barish

In this course, you will learn what the larger podcast landscape looks like and how it came to be, understand the process of developing an idea from a kernel to something that could possibly win a pitch fest or accelerator from someone who’s done it, get an introduction to audio editing software, learn how to reach and engage an audience, and then how to think about making money off of your idea.
You can access the resource page here.

Como cobrir eleições sem errar: Dados e pesquisas para entender o eleitor

Instrutores: José Roberto de Toledo, Keila Guimarães, Claudio Weber Abramo e Daniel Bramatti

O curso foi planejado como um programa de treinamento para jornalistas, professores e estudantes de jornalismo, mas é gratuito e aberto a qualquer pessoa interessada em aprender a trabalhar com dados e pesquisas eleitorais. Você não precisa ter nenhuma experiência anterior com os conceitos, ferramentas e recursos relacionados ao tema.

Você pode acessar a página de recursos aqui.

Intro to R for Journalists: How to Find Great Stories in Data

Instructor: Andrew Ba Tran

In this course, you will learn how to use the statistical computing and graphics language R to enhance your data analysis and reporting process. You’re going to dive right into dealing with the messy and disparate types of data that journalists regularly encounter. You’ll get an introduction to packages that will help you wrangle data efficiently and effectively. You’ll learn how to create visualizations that will communicate what you’ve discovered in your data with charts and maps. Finally, you’ll learn how to turn your analyses into notebooks that can be shared with others in your newsroom and hopefully eventually published online for reproducibility.

You can access the resource page here.

Data Visualization for Storytelling and Discovery

Instructor: Alberto Cairo

In this course you will learn how to use visualization to discover trends and patterns in data, and also how to communicate with graphs, charts, and maps, both static and interactive. Alberto Cairo will teach you elementary principles of visualization design and visual narrative, and also how to apply them with free tools like INZight and Flourish.

You can access the resource page here.